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Guysborough Community Resources

Note: This list is not exhaustive and can change over time.

On this page you will find contact information for brain injury resources, by province and city. Most are brain injury associations - charitable organizations that provide support to survivors of brain injury, their families, and caregivers, through supports groups, peer mentorship programs, recreational activities, and educational workshops, among other initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of people living with brain injury and those who care for them. For up-to-date information on the services and programs offered, contact your nearest association.

Other resources listed here include referral organizations, which help hospitals and community programs connect people to the services they need, brain injury care programs, as well as opportunities to participate in brain injury research.


Community Services - Guysborough District Office

Chedabucto Mall, Unit H, Hwy. 16, PO Box 90,
Guysborough, NS BOH 1NO

Service Region: Guysborough

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Child Welfare Services & General Inquiries:

Tel: (902) 533-4007

Fax: (902) 533-3822